The American Urgent Care Center accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicare, and most commercial insurance. If American Urgent Care Center is not contracted with your insurance carrier, we will care for you and assist you with all the necessary paperwork to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider. We accept other forms of payment, such as cash, major credit cards; Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express, and Debit cards.

We also accept the following additional forms of insurance: SAG-AFTRA Health Plan, PWGA Pension, Health Plan, HealthNet, Great-West Health Care, Beech Street, PHCS, Triwest, California Foundation for Medical Care, and Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company MultiPlan.

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Workers' Compensation

At the American Urgent Care Center in Tarzana, we believe in getting employees back to work safely and quickly. We work closely with employers and employees to foster an open, communicative relationship, providing frequent updates, developing a treatment program that makes sense for each individual, and helping to minimize costs. American Urgent Care Center of Tarzana provides the following employment-related health care needs:

  • Treatment for work-related injuries
  • Pre-employment clearance or special work-related physical exams
  • Department of Transportation physicals
  • Annual physicals
  • Return to work evaluations
  • Drug testing
  • Occupational and rehabilitation follow-up
  • On-site lab, x-ray, and EKG
  • Referrals for physical therapy, imaging, and specialists
  • Corporate care and occupational medicine
  • Work-related sports injuries and physical exams


Our workers’ compensation services include handling the following:

We tailor each patient profile according to the needs of the company and the individual, sending you first reports, test results, patient instructions, and updated work statuses within 24 hours. Our physicians also provide current diagnoses, prognoses, and duty restrictions to all appropriate parties.

We understand that lost time hinders productivity. Utilizing modified duty and rapid return-to-work programs, we focus on getting patients back to work as soon as safely possible. Most find that performing some form of transitional duty speeds up recovery and boosts morale. Our physicians carefully craft treatment plans to minimize lost time claims for employers while listening closely to our patients needs.

Once an employer gives consent to be billed for work-related medical attention, we can proceed in tandem with any major insurance company. In cases when only minor first-aid care is administered and minimal expenses are incurred, we can bill an employer directly.

At the American Urgent Care Center, we will make patients feel welcomed and cared for, assist you with your paperwork and make the transition back to work as easy as possible. Feel free to contact us for assistance with workers’ compensation.

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American Urgent Care Center is excited to bring our care to your home, hotel or work, seven days a week. Visits include the necessary Labs and X-rays, if needed, at AUCC. Please call our office for details and pricing.

Dr. Newman will be available Mon-Fri, 6pm-10pm and Sat-Sun, 3pm-7pm. You may call our office for an appointment or any additional information during business hours. Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 10am-2pm.